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Visual Arts


Visual Arts allows you to set a custom wallpaper for the HomeScreen when the outside weather condition changes. The weather icon and temperature are displayed on the wallpaper. You can set the text color and font size for the temperature and place the icon anywhere on the wallpaper.You can set the time interval from 5 minutes to 1 hour to refresh the weather.
There are 48 weather conditions that you can set a different wallpaper for the HomeScreen. For example: When the weather condition is Hot you can set a different HomeScreen wallpaper, when the weather condition is Cloudy you can set a different wallpaper and when the weather condition is Raining you can set a different wallpaper and so on. If you prefer not to set a wallpaper for each weather condition then Visual Arts will use the global wallpaper in the Settings.
An option to place a Header and Footer image on the wallpaper. The Header image is displayed on the Top of the wallpaper and Footer is at the bottom of the wallpaper. Please see screen shots.
Visual Arts is not just any wallpaper changer. A Calendar feature allows you to setup a HomeScreen wallpaper for any date of the year. The Calendar wallpaper is perfect to remember birthdays, anniversary, important meetings or any event you want. With the Calendar feature you can even set a new wallpaper for everyday of the year. That's 365 wallpapers. Just imagine a new wallpaper everyday!!!